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Thank You! – Classic Chevrolet

I have been very fortunate to work with a great group of people at Joel Rogers Classic Chevrolet of Houston. Everyone has been very supportive with helping me get back to work. They have all pitched in to help me during my time away.

I walked in to work for the first time today since being out for the past few weeks. It was absolutely great to see everyone. Unfortunately I was not able to see everyone (sorry Veki!) but for those that I did see, I very much felt missed. Thanks to everyone who has been helping me out over these past few weeks. It has been a difficult road that is unfortunately not yet over. I know that it is going to be an adjustment at times, but I am thankful I work with people that are supportive and helpful.

I would like to also thank the owner, Joel Rogers, and his wife for everything that they has done for me. Joel has given me the time off I needed to recover, and the flexibility to work from home. It means the world that he and two other friends from work came to see me twice while in the hospital. I am very blessed to work for an organization that supports their employees and their families.

I am very much looking to get back to work and working with everyone soon!

Thank you,

Jeremy and Caitlin Deis

A little bit about me: A neck breather. I grew up in Spring, Texas and graduate from Texas Tech University in German and Management Information Systems. I married the love of my life Caitlin after meeting her in Lubbock, Texas. We shortly moved to Houston, Texas where we currently live. On October 26th, 2017 I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. In the coming months I will have to get a laryngectomy to remove by voice box. I started this blog with the encouragement of my wife to inform my family and friends of my progress, and to share my journey as I become a laryngectomee.

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  1. RayGina Machuca

    We are all here to help you on your road to recovery!!!! 🙂

  2. Working for people that care about you means so much!

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