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For over 20 years, every month a group of women in Grand Rapids, Michigan have meet to discuss a book. Now, I cannot confirm nor deny that the book is actually discussed every time but what I do know is that these women have been through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows together. Now, they turned their love to Jeremy and I. 

The group of women I am referencing is my mom’s book club, Novel Ideas. My mom has been in the group for over 20 years and since I am 29, that means I have known many of these women (and their families) most of my life. When Jeremy and I started this journey, I knew we would get cards, well wishes and so much love but I did not expect such a generous gift!

Thank you, Novel Ideas, for the gift and support for both Jeremy and I. We are forever grateful and feel so blessed to have you in our corner!

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