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The outpouring of love from our family, friends, colleagues and honestly, random strangers has truly been phenomenal! Many people have been asking… “What do you need?” / “How can we help?” Well, we put together the list below.

  1. Read this blog. [CHECK] You are already reading this blog and interested in hearing more about Jeremy’s story. This truly means alot! We love reading comments and seeing the views from each post. We appreciate when people stay current with our journey; it helps us not have to repeat everything, plus its a really good conversation starter. Keep it coming!
  2. Send us a text, Facebook message or email. We cannot always guarantee that we will respond but we love hearing from people. A simple “Hey, I’m thinking about you today!” can brighten our day.
  3. Send us a card. We love getting snail mail! We do not want to post our address publicly, but if you would like our address you can email us or ask through Facebook. (I have started a wonderful collection and plan to put them in a book for Jeremy)
  4. Send us funny memes, pictures or videos. We’ve had a few people do this already and it really has been great. We love sharing them with each other.
  5. Meals. Jeremy may or may not be able to eat solid foods right away but there may be a need! If you would like to bring food to the hospital or to our apartment, we would eat it! (Chocolate is always appreciated) Just reach out and let us know, so we can schedule it.
  6. Donate to the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research FoundationJeremy’s form of cancer is rare and this organization is conducting research to help bring awareness and understanding to ACC. This wonderful organization gave us hope and accurate information regarding Jeremy’s condition, when we needed it most.

Thank you for all the love and support! We feel so grateful and blessed!

Caitlin & Jeremy


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